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Below are some details of their plans in the coming months based on communication with Colin White of the IKA.

ALSAA Sports Complex:
· Sunday October 20th Badminton, Swimming & Ten Pin Bowling
· Sunday December 1st Badminton & Ten Pin Bowling

ALSAA dates for the first half of next year will be published in December.

International events:

12th – 17th January Winter World Transplant Games / Nicholas Cup La Chapelle d’Abondance, France

15th – 22nd March TACKERS Ski Camp Anzere, Switzerland

7th – 10th British Transplant Games Bolton, England

16th – 23rd European Transplant & Dialysis Games Krakow, Poland

The ALSAA sessions are open to all transplant recipients and people on dialysis. We encourage families to attend to get involved in the activities. We insist that at least one parent or guardian remains on site with their child throughout any of our sessions in ALSAA – I strongly believe that parents / guardians and siblings can benefit greatly from attending, and getting involved in the sessions. The emphasis is on fun!

Winter Games / Nicholas Cup:
The Winter Games has a junior category for competent skiers. The Nicholas Cup is for children (transplant recipients) only and runs alongside the Winter Games. To qualify, a child must NEVER have skied before as it is aimed at absolute beginners. I will be travelling to the Winter Game / Nicholas Cup and in the past I have taken children (without parents) from Ireland though there is scope for parents to travel. Whilst the Nicholas Cup is aimed at absolute beginners in skiing, any child considering it would have to have a sense of adventure and a willingness to try new things as well as good basic fitness – we will be in the mountains and the week is very much activity based. You can find out more here:

We have been bringing children to the TACKERS Ski Camp for a number of years now. The Camp is aimed at children aged 8-15 years old (transplant recipients) and all experience levels are welcome – normally, the kids from Ireland have never skied / snowboarded before. Normal practice has been that I have taken children without parents but again, there is scope for parents / siblings to travel also. I attend the Camp as a general volunteer. We are offered a limited number of places for the Camp as there are children from many different countries invited. You can find out more here: The Camp founder and leader is a liver recipient herself and is a wonderful role model.

British Transplant Games:
If I am not mistaken, all the children liver transplants are done in London. This gives the kids two choices. They can enter the Games as full participants as part of the English hospital team or they can enter as part of a guest team from Ireland. Entering as part of your English hospital team means that all events are open to you. Entering as part of the Ireland team means that some events are not available (any event with a knock-out element – so, racquet sports are out but sports such as swimming and track and field are fine). There are some activities put on for siblings also.

European Transplant & Dialysis Games:
The under 18’s section of the European Games is very under-developed and I don’t expect there to be many children in attendance from any countries. Kids are welcome to join the Irish team and attend but competition opportunities would likely be very limited other than for 16/17 year olds who can enter the 18-29 years age category. The European Games are a great event, it’s just that the junior programme is very under-developed.

If I was asked to recommend one event to attend it would have to be the British Games, whether with your English hospital team or the Irish team. The junior programme at these Games is well developed, very well run and a wonderful experience for the children, parents and siblings. That said, we would be delighted to have any of the CLDI children involved in any of the activities.

If you would like any further information please feel free to get in touch with me. Please feel free to share my contact details with any of the parents who would like to find out more. I would be happy to meet with people in Crumlin (with the agreement of the hospital), or elsewhere.



Colin White
National Projects Manager – Irish Kidney Association
Ireland Team Manager – World Transplant Games 2013
Councillor – World Transplant Games Federation

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