The Santa Express

A number of families were lucky enough to get places on the Santa Express this year 2013. Below is the report of one of them.


Tara and I had a fantastic day.  We arrived in Crumlin at approx. 2.30pm and were welcomed by Carol singers, dancing, elves, Tea/coffee, mince pies and food for the kids.  The atmosphere was electric.  I have to say the nicest thing for me was to sit there listening to the carol singers, and not have to attend an appointment :)
We then went on buses, with Garda escorts, to Dublin Airport.  This was Tara’s favorite bit as she felt so special.  When we arrived everyone was so nice and welcoming.  When we got on the plane, the atmosphere was electric.  Tara could not contain her excitement.  We were in the air about 20 mins and then Santa came on the air and landed his sleigh on top of the airplane.  I thought Tara would get sick with the excitement.  He had a pressie and a few minutes for every child.
Tara summed up the day on the way out when she told me that it was so nice of Santa to take a break to come and see all of us!!  A true believer.




We have been asked by Crumlin to publicize this event.

If you do go on this event we would love to hear how you get on.


Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital is the beneficiary of a 70-90 minute flight across Ireland for the children of the hospital to try and find Santa Clause!. This event is scheduled to take place on Saturday evening 7th December 2013. The number of seats is limited. Parents/guardians are advised to complete the ‘Nomination/Consent form’ & return it to the address provided on the form as soon as possible (Closing date for return of forms is Thursday 7th November 2013). Please review details below about this special event!!


The trip is for 1 child & 1 guardian. Each child must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

The trip will commence from Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital (OLCHC) and all those travelling will be asked to come to OLCHC that afternoon for a small party and to register for the trip.

Please note times are subject to change and will be confirmed nearer the date. See Terms & Conditions overleaf.

OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF NURSING June Farrell-Biggs, Tel: 01 409 6308

Terms & Conditions

Should you wish to nominate your child, please note the following Terms & Conditions.

Please see the Nomination/Consent form. This form must be signed by a parent/legal guardian and returned to the address provided on or before Thursday 7th November 2013. Your signature on this form signifies that you agree to the following terms and conditions.


  • This trip is for patients of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.
  • The trip is for 1 child and 1 guardian. Each child must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
  • Age group: The suggested age for this type of trip is between 4-9 years (exceptions can be made).
  • This trip may involve considerable walking & may involve standing / periods of waiting. Wheelchairs and buggies may be required.
  • Register: Children and their parent/guardian are requested to register at the Elf Check-In desk located in the Ground Floor, Medical Tower between from 2:30pm.


  • Parking at OLCHC: Free parking will be available, please specify on Nomination/Consent form if you require parking. This is to ensure sufficient car spaces (subject to availability). Elves will have the car park clearly marked for you on the day!.
    • Photo Identification: No Photo I.D. or passports are required.
    • Medical personnel: There will be medical and nursing staff from the hospital on the flight. There will also be volunteers from Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, The Children’s Medical & Research Foundation, Sumitomo Corporation, Aer Lingus, Glencree Management and some entertainers.
    • Dietary Requirements: Please note on the consent form if you have any special dietary requirements. Selection boxes will be provided to children on the flight by our sponsors. An alternative healthy option will be available if requested, so please inform us on the Nomination/Consent form attached.
    • Transport: Coaches will depart the hospital at approximately 3:50pm. You will be advised at check-in desk which colour-coded ‘elf coach’ to board.
    • Group Check-In: Please refer to the information given to you at the airport as to where to Check-In. A group check-in at Dublin Airport has been arranged to facilitate the group travelling and will make it easier for all. Group will be met by elves in airport to show you where to go.
    • Flight: This internal flight is being operated by Aer Lingus.
    • Cancellation of Flight: In the event of poor weather etc. the flight may be cancelled at short notice. All travelling will be informed if this occurs.
    • Parent/Guardian may be required to sign an additional consent form from the sponsors.
    • Return transport: Coaches will return directly to hospital. Anyone wishing to make their way home direct from the airport, please advise elves of this when first registering at check-in desk in hospital.

For queries:

June Farrell-Biggs, Office of the Director of Nursing    Telephone: 01 409 6308








Saturday 7th December 2013


This event is subject to availability as places are limited. Completion of this form does not signify a place on this event. All places for this event will be verified by contact from the hospital (written confirmation notice), in advance of the event date. Thank you.

Please use BLOCK capitals

1. Patient Name: (First name)____________________________  Surname:_____________________Age:____


2. Parent / Guardian: (First name)_________________________  Surname:_____________________





Contact Telephone No.____- ________________________                       Mobile No: __________-________________


Brief summary of patient’s condition:_______________________________________________________

If Inpatient, Consultant signature:        _________________________________     Date: _________________

Special Dietary Requirements: Yes ¨  No ¨ (please tick)

If yes, please state what food is required:_______________________


Is patient diabetic: Yes ¨  No ¨   (please tick)

Mobility needs (e.g. wheelchair): Yes ¨  No ¨   (please tick)   __________________________________

Parking required at hospital Yes ¨  No ¨   (please tick)


Media Type

I/We the undersigned do hereby give permission for the above named patient to participate in this trip/event.  This will also involve passing the names of those participating in this trip to the sponsor & Dublin Airport as part of travel/security protocols. We hereby agree to adhere to all safety & security guidelines as indicated by Dublin Airport.


I/We _________________________________ being the legal Guardians/Parents hereby consent to the participation of our said son/daughter in the above publicity event at/by Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital sponsored by a third party. I understand that this participation may include my child in a photograph, interview or film footage for the media or third party.  It may also name my child as a patient of the hospital.  I/We understand that Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin have no control over the circulation of any film footage/photography/interviews taken. I understand that any photographs/film footage/interviews taken may be used for the hospital website, promotional hospital material e.g. fundraising and presentations, other hospital and the above event’s website, media website and newsletters.


Signed: Parent/Guardian: ______________________________     Date: ___________________


Please return this form to June Farrell, Office of the Director of Nursing, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin

before Thursday 7th November 2013.  Telephone +353 1 4096308


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