Yellow Alert Campaign-jaundice

-It is very important to diagnose liver disease in infancy early. It has been the experience of many families that they were diagnosed later than was ideal. This is due to the fact that some medical people are not as aware of the issues with jaundice as they could be.

We have been promoting education of medical staff using the Yellow Alert Program from CLDF. The Liver team in Crumlin Hospital have approved the program. They distribute the program to the primary carers of any child who is diagnosed with liver disease.

We have been distributing a paper copy of the programme to Public Health Nurses and GPs. We have not managed to get to all of them.


There is an app for medical professional also which holds the information from the yellow alert programme. The link to the app is below.


The Yellow Alert information has also been put on some of the professional websites.

Please feel free to give this information to any medical professionals.

Should anyone want a hard copy of the information please email with your address.







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